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Sophos Intercept X Now With XDR | Extended Detection and Response

Faster, More Accurate Detection and Response for Sec and IT Ops

What is XDR in simple words?   Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a consolidation of tools and data that provides extended visibility, analysis, and response across endpoints, workloads, users, and networks.

XDR is designed for both security analysts working in dedicated SOC teams and IT administrators covering security and other IT responsibilities.  Sophos XDR enables organizations to quickly answer business critical questions and respond remotely.  It also lets you monitor devices and fix issues remotely.  You can find most XDR features in Threat Analysis Center.

How is XDR different than SIEM?   Core Focus: SIEM solutions primarily offer centralized log management and analysis capabilities for an organization. XDR focuses on using the data that it collects to enhance threat detection and response.

Learn more about XDR here.

Unleash the Power of Your SOC Team: LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform Demo

To recognize a potentially harmful event, you need to translate the full collection of disparate logs into a single, common language…and identify the true sequence of events. After all, you can’t stop a threat if you don’t know it exists. And that’s where the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform zeros in to keep your organization safe.


In this product demo, LogRhythm’s analytics detected evidence of malware designed to access a site that downloads a payload. This threat was missed by signature-based endpoint protection…but LogRhythm’s analytics recognized the tactics used by the malware, triggering an alarm with a calculated risk score.

Barracuda Email Protection 

Email attacks are getting more complex and dangerous.  Many email threats today use social engineering tactics to target users and bypass email security gateways. You need to stay ahead of cybercriminals to protect your business and data.

Only Barracuda protects against all 13 email threat types.

Barracuda Email Protection provides the most comprehensive protection against all 13 email threat types, from spam and ransomware to socially engineered threats such as spear phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover.

KnowBe4 | Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4's Enterprise Awareness Training Program provides you with a comprehensive new-school approach that integrates baseline testing using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing and vishing attacks to build a more resilient and secure organization.

Nexsan E-Series P storage platform is for the most demanding enterprise environments

E-Series is a high-density, high-performance, highly-scalable, ultra-reliable storage system that enables organizations to lower their storage costs, maximize storage uptime, and boost data storage ROI. E-Series is a versatile SAN or DAS solution to stay ahead of the enormous data growth, demanding workloads, and high resiliency requirements in a variety of businesses, including media & entertainment, government, healthcare, HPC, financial, surveillance and service provider sectors.

Ransomware Detection With Unified BCDR | Unitrends

Detect, test, and secure data against ransomware before it can cause any real damage.  All Recovery Series appliances include our full enterprise-class feature set such as proactive ransomware detection, application and database backup, automated DR testing, global deduplication and centralized multi-device management with UniView.

Manage All Your Backup Needs From One Place.  With UniView’s centralized platform, you can seamlessly manage backup and recovery solutions for your data centers and endpoints as well as Office 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

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